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PREMISS circuits cross-platform models optimisation simulation sub-system system telecommunication
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SCERNE - XLIM and the Labex Sigma-LIM generate a large modeling activity (from fabrication up to circuits) which is based on advanced characterisation (PLATINOM). Optimisation algorithms and tools for mathematical analysis are also developed alongside. The generalist programmable environment called SCERNE ("Simulation de Chaînes d'Emission/Réception Nouvelle gEnération" in french, which may be translated as "New Generation Simulation of EMISSION/RECEPTION Chains") integrates these elements and thus facilitates the development and the validation of new models which will be added to SCERNE's palette. This enables the models to be integrated into generalist, multi-domain and heterogeneous system simulators.
Tags: simulation, circuits, optimisation, telecommunication, system, sub-system, models, PREMISS

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SCERNE_interface - SCERNE_interface is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) devote to SCERNE. It enables to view the results of past SCERNE simulations. It also enables one to launch Matlab after having set SCERNE's environment variables and paths. It is developed within the QT framework in order to be cross-platform (GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS).
Tags: circuits, models, optimisation, simulation, PREMISS, sub-system, system, telecommunication, cross-platform

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