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Welcome to the software forge of the Xlim institute.

But... What is a software forge ?

It is a tool, associated to a web site, which enables ones to develop informatics projects. For sure, this tool is intended to be useful for people who develop the computer codes of these projects. But it is also intended for people who do not write any computer code, for instance translaters or graphic designers. Finally, it is also intended for the users of programs who can thus communicate with each others through forums and file bugs of ask features to the people who develop the computer codes.

How to start to use this tool ?

It is enough to authenticate. If you are a member of the Xlim institute, you can use your usual Xlim credentials by clicking on "Log in" on the top right of this page. If you are not member of the Xlim institute, you can ask for the creation of a new local account by filling this form, you will just have to wait for its validation by the administrators.

I authenticated. What may I do now ?

The first thing to do is to go discover what already exists on the forge ! Discover the forums, the bug filings, the feature requests on the projects which already exist. You may also download some computer code with a revision controller such as git for instance.

Then you may create a project, upload some computer code and update it day after day while keeping trace of your modifications, write some documentation about your code, invite your collaborators to contribute to it, invite potential users to execute it and give their advice on it and over time convince them to contribute in their turn...

Where can I find help?

You can find documentation in the following project XLIM Forge Documentation.

You can submit bugs and wishes in the following project Forge XLIM.

Contact : admin-forge@xlim.fr

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